3 December 1944

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hello Darling,

Are you my Honey? Naturally! Well that is fine—Just ask to make sure.—No letter today—probably tomorrow. Hope.

If the weather doesn’t close in I’ll probably fly tomorrow—today was our day off. Slept in as per usual on my day off.

I took a jeep and brought J. J. down to the area for awhile—He is feeling a lot better—I think he will be evacuated to the U.S. soon—I hope so.

These new airplanes are wonderful. I’ll be glad when we get fully equipped with them

It has been cloudy this whole day—hope it clears up tomorrow.

So you and your mother cleaned up the house did you?—and rearranged the bedroom—Looks pretty nice eh—Good deal—Don’t work too hard—just easily.

If Ruby and Howard are as bad on a bedroom as we are they’ll have to go some, won’t they? My-My.

You must be going right to town on your dress to have it half done by now.—Another suit also.—Good deal

[unnumbered page 2]

I’m glad you are getting clothes—Also that you are making them—You can’t have too many nice clothes—And you never can tell when you will be in a possition that you can’t get them—And if there is anything I want it is for you to be dressed well—You and I both.—So keep at it.

Oh yes Honey—Since I’m flying—I cancelled the reduced allotment—it will still be $225.00—so—so—How is our little pile coming. Piling up I hope.—

Well Honey with

All my love, and thoughts and best wishes oh yes—dreams—for and about you

Good Evening Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x


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