5 December 1944

Walt tells about the incident where Garner and another guy run out of gas and have to bail, except that the other guy panics and is lost. This seems to be the incident in which Garner says (p. 4) he “lost an ear,” although Walt doesn’t mention it here. Maybe this is another thing he doesn’t want Ruth to convey to Garner’s wife.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hello Lil’ Sweetheart

How are you this Dec. day? I hope you are well and not to cold.—I imagine it is rather cool.

How are the cold shots working or what ever it was you were taking. It would feel good to know you didn’t have to worry about a red nose, wouldn’t it? Ha.

We lost a boy last night—He was ferrying one of our galloping warhorses up to here—(He and Garner). They got caught in weather just a short ways from the Field and were lost. (G) They run out of gas. Garner bailed out and was rescued by a ship (boat) the other fellow lost his head—became hysterical and that’s all we know of him.—We ran search missions this morning, but no luck. It is too bad—he was a nice

[unnumbered page 2]

fellow and was ready to go home. (Isn’t practical)

Braun was evacuated this morning—his feet were badly infected with this tropical fungi. And they can’t cure it in this climate.

J. J. will be evacuated as soon as they are certain his hand won’t be infected. Good deal, eh?

I have about 58 missions in now and almost 120 hrs. of combat time—I’m still ahead of the guys that came with me—Ha.

I should get a letter from you today—Hope so—I can’t hear too often from you, you know.

It is very warm and sultry today—I mean more so then usual—uncomfortable is the word for it.

Believe I’ll sign off for now Honey—take it easy Sweetheart

x Walt. x     I Love You


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