4 July 1944

I wonder what Walt means by having to “get used to the plane again.” After reading his pilot flight log, I think this is the first letter to Ruth from the Pacific, and that he hasn’t flown since finishing his training at the end of May.

Walt says he’s sending some pictures—I’m guessing reconnaissance pictures—that he is allowed to send if he cuts off the identification on the picture. Here are a couple of photos with parts of the border cut off; they might have been in this letter:

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hello Sweetheart,

I Love You,

Would you like to be swimming in Winfield Honey or shooting firecrackers or just plain—thats what I thot Honey I can read your mind I guess.

I’m feeling fine and better then fine. Hope you are also—I know you are.

I was supposed to fly today—just a short flight to get used to the plane again.

I am sending some Dutch Invasion Money, the type they use in conquered Dutch territory. By the way we had some captured Jap beer the other day—it was very good—I was surprised

[unnumbered page 2]

and I wish I had a whole case right now. That some beer meant one bottle to a man. Ha.

I am also sending a couple more pictures—as long as we cut indentification off the bottom we are allowed to send them. There will be two pictures and 5 pieces of money—Soon I will send some good money—Good old American folding green.

I’m in a rush Honey—So I’ll cut it short tonight.

Good Evening Sweetheart

I Love You

will forever


I Love You.


2 thoughts on “4 July 1944

  1. thane0

    Maybe this is after a leave, or maybe it is after he was rescued from his life raft? I don’t know when the latter happened.


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