13 November 1944

This letter was very hard to read, maybe because of the crisp, thin, parchment-style paper, or maybe because the ink has faded over time. Add to that the wartime conditions under which the letter traveled. The envelope is pretty beat up, too. I had to take out the original letter and get my magnifier to read the end of the letter, and even then I had to just give up on a few words.

This is the first letter after Walt’s trip to Sydney at the end of October. He refers to having returned, but there is so much going on in camp that he doesn’t say anything about the trip itself.

Walt expresses anticipation about getting some fighting missions where he can shoot down the enemy. It seems like bravado, but you can imagine wanting to do what you’ve been trained to do. While he was gone, his plane was burned in an attack, but he’s hoping for another one.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Nov, 13, 44

Hello Honey

Top O’ the Morning to you.

About time I get in to the familliar habit of writing to my sweetheart—and she is a real little Sweetheart. I Love Her So.

I’m not sure, but I feel as tho I can write a long letter this morning.

We arrived at our camp on the 11th and has there been a lot of changes.

One of the replacements who came right f after we did was shot down over a nearby Jap held Island—That makes three fellows out of that particular group of seven.—He was a good guy too.

Ten of our planes were transfered to our sister Sqd. as they are in the hottest territory at the present and needed them. Three of our planes were burned in a Jap air raid a couple of nights before we got back—My airplane was one of them. Harrrd Luck—That is two I’ve had now—maybe the next one will be the charm.

And one of the last replacements bailed out of Franklin’s planes about 100 miles

[unnumbered page 2]

from here into the sea—He was rescued the next day—however.

The day we got here one of the big shots came in and notified us to be ready to move in a few days—damn few—the the hot spot—So Honey—Hurrah—I think we will have some fun.

The Sister Sqd—The one Rule and Regan are in—shot down 3 planes and got a probably—So we are hoping we’ll get a chance too—Honey—if I ever get “latched” onto one of those babies he better commit Hari Kari—rather he’d better give his heart to God for his ass is mine.

Isn’t that awful—Tsk-Tsk. At any rate I’ve always had a hunch that I was going to shoot down a plane—Sometimes my hunches are correct—(I w) next to getting back to see you—I want to “get one” So you know I really want to. period.

I flying first mission since leave today, just a bomb and recon run. Probably won’t be very interesting.

I had a pleasant surprise when I got back, I had an enormous stack of letters, I read all of every body elses and the

[unnumbered page 3]

settled back, relaxed, and read yours—your my Honey and I save the sweet things for the last.

I’m glad to hear you have a steady possition now—You must have been doing alright—I’m glad to hear your boss likes you—He just couldn’t help it—Just so he doesn’t like you too much or he’ll get “rammed and jammed” with a C-40 Wheels and flaps down—Roger, Wilco and out! Ha.

Hello Again—I just finished making some Cocoa for Braun and I—We got a small gasoline stove—a couple little pans, cups—some Cocoa, tea, Malted Milk—So now we can make a few little things ourselves—It is good and helps pass the time away.

I got your letter today—the one written in pencil—So you bought a new hat eh? Honey you just keep buying clothes and you’ll not hear any kicks from me. I want you to be the best dressed little wife—the nicest looking one—any man can have.

You certainly must have a capacity

[unnumbered page 4]

for Vitamin Z by the sounds of the wedding hickeymadoojigger you went too—My oh My.

So your going to take a bath [illegible] you—Do I want to get in the tub with you unh?—If you promise to keep your toes to yourself I will—No use playing with fire unless you want to put it out—you know—Wish we could build a large conflagration right now—umm.

Those little pictures at the end of your letters are daisys—I get a kick out of them I must say tho they aren’t very flattering

I bought a frame for your picture while I was in Sydney—It was too large—but I managed to fix it O.K.—You look very nice Honey—Right there smiling at me whenever I go by—or look up from writing—You are a very beautiful little wife and am I ever in love with you—Yes Rutey—Your my Honey—Not merely asking you—I’m telling you.

Keep those letters rolling Honey—I Love em—I Love that girl!

So Ruby is coming along allright this time—I’m glad to hear that—

[unnumbered page 5]

You know—We’re going to have to get busy on this [illegible] Jr. in a short time (wait til’ I get back) Ha—All kidding aside tho—Help occupy our time—before and after—Ha.—Guess we’re just naturally slow in getting started at anything unh? But there will come a day!—and then—Oooooh—Wish I could just hold you tight for ages and ages—And give you one long sweet kiss—Ummm—I will be a happy boy when I get home again.—

For now Honey

Be my Honey

I’ll hurry home

I Love You

Will love you forever


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