14 November 1944 (2)

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hello Sweetheart

And you are my sweetheart—

What do you know?—they issued us three cans of beer and I’m drinking one now—just sips between sentences.—They had the best beer in Aus. that I’ve drank so far—really good beer—Wish I had a bottle of it now.

I made tea this afternoon—I’m getting as bad as the Aussies—Ya know I do like beer (what am I saying) tea tho.—Wait till I get back there—We will personally go to E. Liverpool or Chester, W. Va. and buy the tea set you want—Whatever that is. Ha.

Well Honey—I didn’t fly today—So—I studied an algebra book (f), I bought in Brisbane, this morning for a couple of hours—And started out on French this afternoon—If I can keep at it—I’ll be able to read those books in a month or so—Or am I bragging—I hope I don’t lose patience—Don’t think I will.

We brought back some wine from Aus. and take an appetiser (or sumpin.) Not bad unh?

I took my new automatic out yesterday—shot it a few times and broke the shell ex-

[unnumbered page 2]

tractor—I took it to a guy in an ordinance outfit and told him I give him my only bottle of brandy if he would make one—So he is working on it—He isn’t sure he can do it tho.—

When I get back I’ll teach you to shoot it and then give it to you—I expect we’ll do a little hunting together—Heavens, what will that man think of next?—Ha.

“Rube” got (tw) three packages this evening—help stock our food supply—the food will be “K” rations for awhile at the next place we move—So we’ll probably fix a few things ourselves.

It is surprising how fast a day goes by if you keep your mind occupied—Maybe I’ll take a real interest in (fl) studying—Ha. I’ve always wanted to learn things but never stopped long enough in one spot—either mind or body—

I hope you like your job enough that it doesn’t completely bore you to death and that you have can find a good time in your spare time.

Take it easy

I Love You           Walt.


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