14 November 1944

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hello Sweetheart

rather Good morning,

I just finished breakfast and will write before I get to lazy and the weather gets to hot.

I’ve recieved two packages from you and everything was in good shape—I’m going to take it easy on the cigars this time so they will last a little longer—I sure like those little fellows. I should have enough French work to last two years at the rate I go.—Ha—I thank you very, very much for everything—I know you’ll excuse me for opening the gifts before Christmas—You don’t do things like that over here, ya know? Besides you know me—Ha—.

We’ve been having air raids every night but they haven’t been doing any harm—Our ack, ack keeps them so high (usually) they are in too much of a hurry to get out—Ha—The only ill effect is waking up from 1:00 to 4:00 in the morning.—I usually just wake up—roll over and go to sleep. Ha.

This is a lovely morning—all mornings

[unnumbered page 2]

are nice here—In am hour or two it will be hotter the blazes tho—another usual thing.

Six more days and it will be five months Honey—I hope the next five go as well altho since the novelty has worn off I don’t suppose it will go as fast—So you’ld better keep those letters rolling.

Don’t shed too many tears over this Christmas Honey just a couple for us—We have had a time trying to stay together haven’t we—But when Christmas goes by we’ll think of the next one and that six months have already gone by—That is 50% of the time at least—and everyday that goes by is closer and nearer and nearer to the time. When I step into that C-54 or C-87 for home—I won’t even need to write a letter—You’ll just naturally know it.

Well Honey—You my Honey?—Sure

Take it easy

I Love You

forever and a day




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