15 November 1944

Apparently cigarettes are hard to come by in the States, and Walt wonders about Ruth’s friend Twila being able to roll her own. He imagines her attempt might look like this sketch:

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Morning Dear One

Have to write and tell you how sweet you are, and how much I love you—’Cause I do love you, and you are sweet, and so little has happened between the time I went to bed and woke up that, that is about all there is to tell you Sweet, I Love You.

I’m leading my first mission this morning—Just two of us—Garner and I—We are going on an armed Recco of a coastline—looking for barges and other targets of opportunity—If we find anything it will be unusual—Ha.

Another lovely morning—Would you believe it—It is cool enough this morning that I have goose pimples on my goose pimples—and [blank space] is all shriveled up and I’m not scared.—tsk, tsk.

Hello again Sweetheart—just stopped writing and was sitting here thinking—trying to think of something to write.

I wish this was a lazy, cozy morning in Youngstown, I put both arms around you and go back to sleep—if you were sleepy—ummm.—When I can do that again I won’t care if the earth roll arround or not,

[unnumbered page 2]

The sun can stop wherever it may be and I’ll just cuddle up a lot closer—ummm.

thanks for the “fags” Honey—You should of kept them for yourself tho—I understand by your letters that cig. are hard to get—We’ve been getting plenty lately.

I’d like to see Twila trying to roll her own [drawing of rolled cigarette] Ha—Have you tried it yet—seems to me I showed you how once.

Honey better roll over—catch about 40 more winks and a short, pleasant dream cause I’ve got to fly and there is no need for you to get up—Give me a sweet little kiss

Good Morning Sweetheart

I Love You




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