16 November 1944

Sounds like Walt and Ruth are anticipating a leave where they can have a kind of honeymoon.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Nov 16, ’44

Dearest Ruth

Once more I take my pen in hand and write to the most beautiful woman in the land,—to tell her I love her, that I would rather be with her now than anything, any where else in the world—even just to look at her—How’s that,

Good Morning Sweetheart.

How is my honey this this morning sleepy eh?—’Spose I should say afternoon or evening as that is probably when you get the mail—Well, reckon you are feeling fine—if not better tell Daddy what is wrong—What am I saying—Well, sooner or later, sooner the better—Ha.

I’ve been writing this letter for 1 1/2 hours Everytime I come start somebody comes in and starts talking—So I’m not getting very far.

Think I’ll finish later

I Love You.

Good Evening

Haven’t I written you before?—I’m sure I have. Hmm—Yes—this morning I believe —— Yes! It was this morning—but it is different now—Nobody

[unnumbered page 2]

is bothering me.—

Flew a late patrol mission this afternoon—came back—showered and hear I am, with a cup of tea beside me and you in my heart and thoughts—

One of you leettle cigars also is bothering me—be right back.—Got the ceegar—Maybe I can sit still for awhile and write eh?

I received your rasor blades—rather my rasor blades (now)—today—

As for your question that you want answered so much—I’m sorry I haven’t answered it before—When I first read it I mentally approved of it and put it away on a shelf and never tho’t to answer—Naturally we’ll take a Honeymoon—Any place you say—providing it is possible—It will be your affair—I’ll turn it completely over to you and relax—that is the ideas—For the action part I’ll take over and we’ll have the grandest time we’ve ever had.—You know—to be truthful—I rather spend the whole leave with you—never bother with anyone else—just us.—I have several

[unnumbered page 3]

friends, relatives and people who I like a lot and believe thety like me—but since I met you I want you and you alone—all other people could disappear from the earth and it wouldn’t upset me too much—

You know how my other leaves were spent—I don’t want anymore like that—We’ll spend this one the way we want.

Better start planning it—or no—not planning it—just a collection of ideas—because all to often well laid plans go awry—we’ll get the ideas (better let me in on them) and let them take care of themselves—O.K.?—O.K.

Ummm—Just with you—Where we can be ourselves—no want one to scowl at, swear at, smile at but us—It will all be fun—rather it will be heaven on earth.

For now Honey

Good Evening Sweetheart

I Love You



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