18 November 1944

Walt has been worrying about what to do after the war and sets out some options for Ruth to think about.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Evening Sweetheart

I Love You—

I finished yesterdays letter this morning but I will write another.

To tell the truth and to get to the point—I’ve had a problem worrying me for a couple of mos. I’ve been unable to reach a conclusion and as you would be 50% partner in the deal I guess I’ll get your opinion.

I’ve been wondering whether I should go to some kind of a school and learn something (for a change). That is if I don’t stay in the Army.—So for now we’ll say I don’t stay in the Army.

I understand that I can get tuition paid by Army and a few other things that would help—there is no doubt in my mind but that I (we) could do it allright.—What is troubling me is whether it would be worthwhile or not—9 chances out of ten we would be on the same basis as we were in Cadets except we would be together.—We wouldn’t have much money—wouldn’t have much of a home—wouldn’t be able to live like we want to.—We’re getting

[unnumbered page 2]

older and I am sure we don’t want to go on several more years on the “We exist basis—Here is the alternative—

I am sure I could get work and we would get along as well as other people—But I don’t know just exactly what I would do—Run crane would pay me the best and I can do numberless other things—So I’m not exactly worried on that score—that’s the story Morning glory

I’m looking at it as if I don’t know how to fly—so what do you think. Better figure a lot of angles Honey—You would be the goat in any case unh? Rough isn’t it—Anyway—I know you can think sensibly—more so then I—I’ll wait for an answer.

So for tonight Honey

I Love You

more and more

I Love You



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