21 November 1944

Walt appears to write this letter over two days, but doesn’t date the second half as 22 November.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Evening Sweetheart

I don’t think I’m good enough to put it in rhyme but, I do love you.

That letter in rhyme was “purty neat.” I liked it—Write another—Eh?

I stopped writing and went to the show—”One Foot In Heaven”—’Member we saw it one time before—I only have to walk about fifty ft. and I’m in front of the screen.—Purty good unh? Not a bad show either—Not as good as the first time I saw it or we saw it.

Flew on another Dive bombing and strafing mission this morning—Have another one tomorrow morning—Fun—Well, a little.—The more missions the more time i get and the sooner I’ll be eligeble to come home—that is after 11 months or so—Ha.

J.J. is making tea—So we’ll have a short snort of tea in a moment and then get some of that cursed solo sack time—Things are rough all over eh Honey?

You’re my Honey too. Did you know it—Regardless—I’ll remind you of

[unnumbered page 2]

it now and then.

I went swiming yesterday afternoon and today also—Need the exercise. A person gets so lazy over here it’s pitiful—not exactly lazy—You just don’t feel like doing anything but lay in your sack. Nighty nite—Love—Walt.

Good Morning Sweetheart—
Just crawled out of the sack—And will I be glad when I get some dual instruction—This soloing all the time is very lonesome.

Honey—Don’t know what is the trouble—but yesterday and so far this morning I just can’t get any words down on paper—This makes the third time I’ve started and it is no use.—It seems as tho I want to write—Guess I’d rather talk to you—Then I suppose I’d get tongue tied—It’s a funny set up when a woman can still make her husband get all be flustered after being married a couple of years—Reckon you’ll always be able to do that tho—some strange property of yours.—Guess you know I Love You—Honey—Don’t you know.

[unnumbered page 3]

I’ll be a good boy, Honey
And save all my kisses
I’ll certainly have plenty
When I get home to Missus


I Love You


x xxxx xxx


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