23 November 1944

This letter contains Walt’s version of how J. J. DuBost lost part of his hand. Walt says he lost a few fingers, whereas Garner (“Rube”) says “he lost a hand.” That’s the story I quoted in this recent post.

Walt describes his Thanksgiving dinner, which includes the hard to imagine dehydrated cranberry sauce!

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Evening Sweetheart

I Love You

How’s my Honey tonight? Fine and dandy I hope.

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving Dinner—I know you did.—We didn’t do so good bad ourselves—Had turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce (dehydrated) Ice tea (no ice) peas—(have them every other day) salad (beans) bread (for a change)—It wasn’t bad tho—actually it was pretty good.

J.J. Didn’t have such a good thanksgiving tho—He was on a mission this morning and was hit by a twenty m.m.—it shot the stick out of his hand and took his a couple fingers with it—In a way he has a little to be thankful for tho. We were down to see him a few minutes ago and he didn’t look so bad.—We soon left tho as the nurse came in to give him a shot.—I don’t imagine he’ll fly any more over here.—Altho it probably won’t hinder him from flying back in the States—He won’t want to go back but personally—altho I hate to see him leave—I hope the send him back.

[unnumbered page 2]

This Sqd. is pretty lucky to say the least.—everyone knows their business and usually keep out of harms way.

Don’t tell Margeret Garner this—Rube don’t want her to know.—I’m glad your level headed enough that I can tell you what ever I wish.—So don’t you fret—It was just luck-see. Ha.

Say Honey—That was a lovely Christmas card you sent to me—Very neat and sweet. And that lovely young lady in the pictures just might of been you—She was “purty neat” also.—Bet you would look good in a cute little apron—Red dress too.

And you’ll have a lovely house dress or negligee or sumpin to wear evenings—I’ll personally get one that I like—of course you’ll like it too.—I like nice clothes—suits—dresses—dressy ones, sober ones, evening gowns—house dresses,—work dresses or wash dresses, shorts, coats—hats—shoes—and most of all—beautiful, be au ti ful, night gowns, sheer, long, slinky, ummm—I’ll see you have those too—Reckon I’d better quit here unh—Ha

Good Night Sweetheart     I Love You, Walt,



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