28 November 1944

Walt has been involved in a friendly fire incident and is grounded while it is investigated. Luckily for him, he recognized the other plane and did not hit it, but another pilot did shoot it up and it crashed.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hello Sweetheart

I Love You, more and more each day.

I wrote a letter to you yesterday but I’m going to tear it up as I was rather bitter.—Now that I’ve slept on the matter a couple of nights I can write better.

On the 26th I was party to an attack on a(n) enemy friendly bomber which in the process was shot up and crash landed on the home strip.—I made a pass at it, recognized it and did not hit it—Of which I’m glad. The other guy scored on his pass however.

What the final outcome will be I do not know and will probably take sometime.

For the present I’m grounded pending investigation—which could easily take two or three mos. A long time to sit on ones “can”

At any rate—if I am grounded I will won’t be making flying pay so I am going to reduce the allotment to $150.00 again until I find out what the score is. So don’t be surprised at the size of a check.

[unnumbered page 2]

As for me—I don’t know what will happen as there are so many possibilities I wouldn’t even hazard a guess—All tho I imagine the “big wigs” will have plenty to say—They seem to have a lot of fun when they can sink their teeth into a nice juicy morsel. It will probably be rough—altho there are possibilities of it turning out better then I expect.

I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you—No use you know—at least that is what you always say.—I hope everything turns out O.K. as you also say usually will happen.

In case you don’t already know—Anything I venture to do usually winds up behind the eight ball—So I’m not too much surprised.

About a 1000 or 2000 more breaks like this and I’ll take the whole works

Excuse me,

I’m expecting some mail today—hope it arrives—

Will write soon

I Love You


x xxxx xxx


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