30 November 1944

Just two days after Walt’s letter about the friendly fire incident, he is cleared for flying again, and also expecting to get his own plane.

He owes money to J. J. DuBost, the pilot that injured his hand, and explains to Ruth how he is making that payment.

Walt hints that he and Ruth were still together in December 1943—another piece of the puzzle not answered with letters.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Evening Sweetheart.

How is my Darling Ruth tonight?—I hope she isn’t too tired.—The letter I got today tells of the ravages of making a dress—I hope it turns out O.K. I know it will—Everything you do turns out that way. Bet it will be pretty—bet I’ll like it too—Bet I’ll like what’s in it also. Um!

Remember those slick little flying jobs I like—Well Honey—we got ’em—I’ll probably have one of my own in a day or two—They are strictly beautiful—Really make my heart skip a beat or two.—Oh yes—I’m on flying status again—Don’t know how the other business will turn out but know it will take time to find out.—At any rate I’ll be flying so that will pass away the time, instead of sitting on my “arse.”

I’m leading a two ship mission tomorrow and also checking out in my new mechanical female—And it is a baby—If everything goes right this Sqd should really get hot. Psst.

[unnumbered page 2]

J. J. seems to be coming along fine. I sincerely hope he does get O.K.

By the way there is another thing I wanted to tell you. Money again—I owed J. J. 400 Guilders which is $212.00—There is a good chance that we maybe seperated so I wrote him a check for it—It very likely won’t be cashed for a long time—If it hadn’t been for his misfortune I could have taken care of it over here—As it is—I’ll send money orders home to make up for it.—Also—I am going to leave the allotment at #150.00 until this clears up—I’ll also make up for that as long as I continue to fly—O.K.? O.K.—Ha

If our C.O. has anything to say I think I’ll get out of it O.K. but he may not have anything to say. Ta da! I’m going to forget it for the present.

Tomorrow Honey will be the first of Dec. Ha—Two years ago we were exchanging letters hot and heavy—Last year—We were better off—I wish we were spending this one together also—Even if we only had one room—I didn’t

[unnumbered page 3]

mind our stay there—Rather liked it and like to look back at it. By another year we will be together again and happier then ever.

Don’t forget your ring—wear it this Christmas—You won’t have much to remember me by this time—I mean concrete evidence—but there should be plenty of other ways—I’ll make it up later as I don’t get around much anymore—Ha.

I’m sending you a bracelet made of Aus. coins and a bill fold of sorts—You needn’t wear the bracelet—I know you don’t like them to wear—but—it will be a souvenir of a kind.—The billfold is Kangaroo hide (skin) It isn’t mailed yet but as soon as I can get around to it.

You be good Honey.

Pleasant dreams.

I Love You

x Walt x

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