12 October 1944

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hello Sweetheart,

I Love You—More and more—With you or far away from you—

There is a fellow (Pete Thomas) in our outfit who used to play in Syphony (or sompin) Orchestras—He has a wonderful collection of records—both popular and classical—He just came back from leave and brought back some new pieces—I’m listening to some of them now—Makes a pleasing background for writing letters. He is Russian once removed so his classics lean in that direction—Altho he has several by all well known composers.

We’ve been flying local flights just putting in time—Nothing interesting. Haven’t had any letters for the last two or three days—so don’t know any news.

There are a couple of guys here shoothing off their mouth so much you can’t even listen to the music.

I haven’t been reading much lately but I have another book and think

[unnumbered page 2]

I’ll start again—It is a historical novel.

What are you doing now—anything in particular or just loafing—

Say Honey—If you can find them keep the cigars rolling over here—For some reason I really like them. I would like you to send them as often as you can—If you could keep packages coming every week they would get here regularly too. They really help out a lot—I don’t need cigarettes now—In fact I have a surplus.

Well Honey—think I’ll say

Good Goodnight


I Love You


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