21 October 1944

Walt says in this letter that he has been overseas for four months and I can’t figure out how that meshes with the January 1944 letter. Where might Walt have been then that he didn’t consider to be overseas, but that sent airmail through an APO?

Anyway, Walt still doesn’t like the reconnaissance squadron he is in. As he says, he wants to be able to shoot down some planes.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Oct. 21, ’44

Good Evening Sweetheart

How are you?—Still operating I guess.

I’ve flown (two)m one mission since I moved here and will probably fly tomorrow—

We’re flying over some pretty hot territory now—One hell of a lot of ack, ack and ground fire—which is pretty to watch but makes you eat holes in the “chute”—Ha—And I’ve some fairly large ones in mine now.

I like the ’40 better then I did, but I still love that ’39—in a different sort of way tho then I love you—it was my first love in ‘planes—And a sweet baby.

I think you started to write to this A.P.O. at approx. the right time as I got two letters the day after I got here—Not bad coordination is it.?

We have a much nice tent this time, it is on level ground and we set our beds out under the flaps, so we have about 16′ x 16′ floor space—We built a table and covered it with a blanket,

[unnumbered page 2]

have a light put in already—I made a stool or (half assed) chair to sit on; to write. Your picture is right in front of me on the center pole (it passes thru the center of the table). Ha. You certainly have a pretty smile for me today—What did I do to rate it.

Been overseas four months now—time seems to be going pretty fast.

Well—I see you gave me a finance report—in the last letter—Not too bad—if you can keep putting 200.00 a mo. away it won’t be bad.—Won’t am’t to much if I only stay overseas six more months.—But it will help.

By now you’ve heard of the Phillipines, that is the big job I’ve been telling you about—Altho we’re not in it yet—Hope to be soon.—This outfit is “Snafu” and and I don’t mean “fouled” either—I’m sorry I got in it in a way—I’d much rather be in a “fighter outfit.”—You would probably think anybody I’d be crazy or am crazy—but everytime I think the war will soon be over I’m disappointed because I haven’t had a chance to knock down some planes.

[unnumbered page 3]

I always have said that things usually turn out for the best in the long run—Always has so far anyway—But this time it looks as tho I got “screwed.”

Well—Guess there is nothing I can do about it, at the present anyway,

I think I’ll sign off soon—My hand is perspiring so much I’ll be getting the paper wet—It is almost dark too—Bet it is nice and cool there I hope so—I mean I would like it that way.

Be good

Sleep tight

I Love You



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