24 October 1944

A transcript follows the letter images.


Oct. 24, ’44

Good Morning Dear One,

How goes it?—Did you sleep well, eat well, work well, play well—or well—How’re ya doin?

This is my day off so I’ve nothing in particular to do—Think maybe I’ll go swiming—for the exercise and sunshine—Have to get those good old vitamins you know, Even if you make a wreck of yourself getting them.

We (Sqd)—Have an especially good mission today—but I can’t go as I’ve already told you—It is the longest one we’ve had yet and the farthest into enemy territory for us—Naturally it isn’t for the long range planes but for us. If we keep running them I hope to have some fun.

I haven’t recieved any letters from you for several days—Nobody has been getting any—I hope they start getting it in here soon so I’ll have news from you and something to write about

I suppose Twila and you are still running around together—I hope she isn’t as silly as she was.

[unnumbered page 2]

What does she think of me getting sore that night and leaving her in town. Bet she was burned up unh?

Don’t think anything about that letter in which I ask about our finances—because you sent an answer to it a couple days later.

It is getting close to Thanksgiving now isn’t it?—Wish I could be there to help you eat that dinner—ummm—I’m going to eat myself silly when I get back there. Among several other things Ino

I’ve been hoping I’d get those boxes you’ve sent me—they should be over here soon—I think I would like to get the books especially as they would give me something to do. Now and then time hangs heavy on my hands—on a day like this especially.

Take it easy Honey

I Love You


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