27 October 1944

Grammar moment: Walt’s suit “needs pressed”—a Western-Pennsylvania construction if I ever heard one. I know I had it pointed out to me in my first college English class.

Walt is in a plane on his way to R & R in Australia with Charles Garner, J. J. Dubost and some others. I have never run across a picture of Garner, unfortunately, but I have this one of Dubost:

A transcript follows the letter images.


Oct. 27, ’44

Good Morning Sweetheart

How are you this morning? I hope you feel as good as I do—for at the present time I’m in a plane headed for Australia to Sydney.—Isn’t that lovely?

We’ll have Ten days there exclusive of traveling Time, Garner, Franklin, Dubost, myself and three others you don’t know. They may be the last leaves to Sydney so I’m glad we got in on one—We are a month late as it is.

We expect to eat till our sides bulge and drink a little on the side.

[unnumbered page 2]

It will be spring there and the weather should be about perfect—I hope so anyway—

We expect to go to the beach, motorboating, riding, shows, and anything else we can find.

I’ll have to buy a few clothes there as I do not only have one suit I can wear and It needs pressed, cleaned also.

We should be in Aus in an hour—but won’t get to Sydney for until tomorrow.—I

I haven’t recieved any letters from you lately, one since we moved, Guess they have more

[unnumbered page 3]

important cargo at present.

I’ll write from Sydney and give you the low down—so you’ll know what it is like.—

I expect to stock up on nickknacks, wine and odds and ends to take back along—

It will be an appreciated rest, anticipated also—ha.

Take it easy Honey

I Love You


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