5 October 1944

Walt is writing while co-piloting a plane that is on “Auto-Matic Pilot,” but the real news is the food he ate at a naval base that was served on real dishes with cups and saucers.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Oct. 5, ’44

Hello Ruth,

How is my Honey this bright Oct. day? O.K. I hope—I’m fine as usual—I’m allways O.K.

I imagine this is the first letter you have recieved that was written in a ‘Plane. We’re at 8,500’ at the present time—Far out over the Pacific—Some where between the Admiralties and our home base.—For yesterday and today I’m a Co-Pilot on a C-47—I didn’t have anything else to do and tho’t I’d like to get some twin-engine time—Might come in handy some time.—I also expect to check out in a be B-25 soon—I hope to make a flight or two to Aus.—If possible before we move.

We have just taken some of our Pilots to the Admir.—Is to ferry back some P-48’s. One of the new Pilots completely smashed my nice new ’40—(didn’t get hurt)—So I am hoping I get one of these.

I think these C-47 Pilots have quite an easy time—The 1st Pilot is reading a R-Digest—and I am writing a letter—the Plane is on Auto-Matic Pilot and every-

[unnumbered page 2]

thing is Hunky dory.—Pretty soft isn’t it?

We stayed overnight at a Navy base—Purty nice—I can see where all the good food goes now—The navy gets it—We had three darn good meals yesterday—Hot dogs with tomatoe sauce, peas, potatoes, good Iced tea—(I drank about a quart)—Good fresh bread and real butter—That was just a late lunch. For Dinner—we had sweet potatoes, roast pork, Coffee (good coffee—Apricots for desert, Pineapple.

For breakfast—Cereal—Coffee—Tomatoe juice—Eggs.

The best part is we ate off dishes—had Cups and saucers—good silver wear—instead of mess kits.—Not bad.

Oh yes—right now—coming over the earphones is swing music—Canned music I reckon—but swing just the same.

Well Honey—I think Ill sign off for now

Be good

I Love You


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