7 October 1944 (2)

Walt talks about getting to see Ralph Reagle, whom he called “Rats” in a previous letter. I have found a Ralph Reagle from the French Creek-Franklin area on Ancestry.com. Maybe this Reagle or a relative was the one Walt knew from home.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Oct. 7, ’44

Hello Again Sweetheart

I Love You

Surprised!—I mean at me writing twiced today—Well I’ll tell you—The rest of the fellows have gone to a movie, a mystery, and I don’t care much for them so here I am writing to the dearest little wife in the world.

You’ld think I’d be old enough soon to stop writing mushy love letters—but just between you and I—I’ll never be that old—when I’m writing to you.

I recieved the first box today—Thank you very, very much—I’m smoking one of the lil’ cigars at present and they taste mighty good. The magazines will come in handy also. You mentioned in one letter that you no longer have to have a request for articles to be sent overseas.—If you can send small digests, coronets and a box of cigars now and then I certainly would appreciate it.—They take about two months to get here so if they are sent fairly

[unnumbered page 2]

regular I should get them regularly also—The box was in good condition, also the contents.

I forgot to tell you this morning that I went down (flew in a B-25) Guinea Coast to another place—and saw Ralph Reagle—I was glad to see him and it was very visable that he was glad to see me also. I was able to be with him about an hour and we shot a little B.S. to each other—He has had malaria three times but looks remarkably well—In fact I don’t remember him looking better, especially under these conditions. I hope I get to see him again soon.

I don’t believe I’ve told you that I recieved the little snapshot of you three girls.—I don’t know whether it was faded or underdeveloped when you sent it but it certainly was when it got here.—I could still make it out tho and you certainly look good to me.—Yes’mmmm.

Well—Honey—For now—

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You, Walt



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