7 October 1944

A transcript follows the letter images.


Oct, 7, ’44

Hello Little Sweetheart

I Love You—And I reckon you know it.

Just seven more days and you’ll have another birthday eh Honey? Wish I could be there to give you a kiss and a hug but as it is I’ll wish you a happy one and many, many more of the same—and that before another one comes along we’ll be together again.—together again with no thoughts of being seperated. That will be something, not to have that hanging over your head.

Two more of the old boys are going home this morning—I’m glad to see them go—They both are very nice fellows. It makes you feel kind of funny tho, to know that in a week or so they’ll be in the States—Wouldn’t that be nice.

Your box should be on the way by now—Ha—It is quite a novelty—I’d like to see you in it—I’m hoping they won’t put it in the hold of some ship where it would get wet.

Our Flight surgeon is leaving also—Probably to a hospital and then home—He has “jungle rot” so

[unnumbered page 2]

bad he has to leave this climate. I don’t think we’ll get another one as good.—He knew all the boys in the outfit and exactly what they were like—The new Doc. won’t.

I suppose the weather is getting crisp and cool now—leaves falling and old man winter right around the corner. Boy would that be nice.

You my Honey?—I know you are. Best Honey in the world—

So—Stay sweet as Honey—and I’ll see you soon



I Love You

I Love You

I Love You.

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