9 October 1944 (2)

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Evening Sweetheart

I love you tonight Honey—just as I did last night and just like I shall tomorrow tonight.

For the first time since I’ve left I feel really lonely—I have been lonely before but tonight I feel really homesick—or just a great longing to see you and be with you.

We have had a radio the last couple of days—and tonight the music is wonderful—not Jive—just beautiful songs—They make think back to better times in the States—Music, moody music certainly works on me—all except the tin can stuff. Tonight all I can see around me is you—when you look so sad and forlorn and  aren’t, and when you are when your happy—when your sleeping—I seem to see you doing everything. Sitting at the dresser fixing your hair—or do I approve your dress or should you get the other one—Ha—And everything I see pleases me.

[unnumbered page 2]

Right now I want to get back and see them all over again—Tomorrow however—I’ll be busy again and these tho’ts will be replaced with the law of self preservation so I can dream again another night. It isn’t that bad but I guess that is really what it amounts to.

This writing letters twice in one day is really too often—You’ll think I’m in love with you—besides, people will say were in love—besides that, we are. Aren’t we Honey?

Tomorrow we have a mission—Eight ships—I hope we get some strafing. It is (I think) mainly to give the new boys some idea of our work, but we’ll no doubt find something to break the monotony.

It won’t be long until your birthday will it Honey—almost three years ago when I gave you your ring. Quite a while isn’t it? Well—when you compare it to the years we are going to be together it is just a drop in the bucket.

[unnumbered page 3]

I reckon ther’ll be plenty to look back upon,—things we did, places we lived and ate. Our poor attempts to pass dead evenings away—Those dead evenings (so called)—I liked—or did you know.


Think I’ll stop writing tonight and write a new edition tomorrow. Doesn’t do one any good to think too much over here—Just enough to keep in touch—I see guys everyday who think to much.

Good Night Sweetheart

I Love You


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