9 October 1944

Walt tells how to make a grilled “cheeze” sandwich  using the bottom of your mess kit as a pan—as long as you get some cheeze from home. His friend Garner got some cheese in little glasses—do they still make that cheese spread in the little juice glasses with lids that had to be pried off with a can opener? It sounds like what Walt was describing.

Apparently the mess food isn’t very good over there, especially if the prospect of dried chicken is on Walt’s wish list.

Military slang: Shavetail—derogatory term for a second lieutenant.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hello Sweetheart

How is my Ohio beauty today?

So you don’t think you like to work anymore unh?—Well—I don’t blame you, I don’t either—But if there is a time to work I guess it is now—The more we get now the better off we’ll be in the near future.

I’m not flying today—just sitting around looking wise and smoking delicious cigars—Keep ’em coming, the’re good stuff.—I found out something else today—you can get cans of dried chicken and such things to send over seas—I ate some a few minutes ago at it was very good.—I didn’t think a short time ago I’d need anything from back there—I figured I’d get everything I needed to eat here—Well there is enough food but you eat the same thing so much you go to the mess hall and drink a canteen cup of water and coffee—and walk out—If you know what it is like to have no appetite want to eat and can’t—then you know what it is like—it don’t last for a day either—it is rather permanent.

[unnumbered page 2]

If during the day you can eat a snack of something you like—it makes you feel better.

We used the cheeze you sent me and made toasted cheeze sandwiches last night—”Purty good Johnny”—We took a Mess kit bottom, put about a half inch butter in it and put the sandwich in it—toasted on both sides until golden brown and eat.

Garner’s wife sent him a box of cheeze in small glasses and a couple bottles of olives—My mouth waters every time I look at them—I could even drink the vinegar—Ha.

It looks a lot like rain at the present time—I wish it would as it is very hot a sultry.

We haven’t moved yet but expect to any day now.—I’m getting so I don’t give a hoot—I am beginning to think this outfit isn’t worth a damn and I wish I could get out of it and into a fighter Sqd. But I know I can’t so I guess I’ll have to do the best I can here—What disgusts me here—is that

[unnumbered page 3]

everybody is to damn lazy—they lay in their sacks all day and don’t care whether or not the fly.—It makes me sore—All everybody thinks of is going home—Well—I do to—but I don’t blab about it all the time—two thirds of them don’t have as much reason to go home as I do—If guys don’t have enough imagination to know what to expect when they come over here—and whether they can take it—they should have thought of way out of it—And if a guy the doesn’t want to fly he should either get out or be throwed out.

Well—Guess that is enough “popping off” for a mere “Shavetail,” so I’ll go to some other subject—Sure is a good thing I have somebody to “blow my top” to—Ha.

Guess it isn’t going to rain after all,—the sun is shining again and it is even hotter—If you think I was little when I left—wait ’til I get back—I’ll be dehydrated to a former shell shell of my former self—or more appropriately a kernel

[unnumbered page 4]

and not a Col.

I have a notion to go swiming again even if there is coral instead of sand—You have probably read (f) of beautiful coral reefs etc. But the darn stuff will cut your feet all to h—— if you walk on it.

Well Honey—for today I think I’ve shot enough B.S. so

Good Afternoon


I Love You



Be sure and wear your red flannels this winter—I want you to stay healthy—Ha



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