15 April 1945

It’s April 15 and Walt is just now receiving Christmas packages from home. The other thing on delay is his getting a promotion to Captain. He doesn’t have a lot of good things to say about others who already got their promotions.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Evening Sweetheart

How are you? Still my sweet lil’ ole Honey?—Sho an I know you are. I’m feeling pretty good my self. I’ve been swimming for the last three afternoons and am getting as brown as a berry—Just about the same color as these Phil Filopinos.

They have a lovely beach here—a fairly nice surf and the water is just the right temperature for me—too warm for most people. I’m going to try to keep a perpetual tan while I’m here, then I’ll look peculiar as the Devil if I should come home when it is cold unh?

Know what—I’m getting my Xmas pkgs now.—I recieved one from your Mother and Dad and one from Ruby. They’ve been on the road quite some time haven’t they? Ha.

[unnumbered page2]

Well—I can always look forward to something—I think there are four or five more on the way.

I don’t know what to do about my “set up” in the Sqd. now.—They have come out with some new rulings lately and unless something unlooked for happens I will probably be here for six or eight mos. if I wait for a Captaincy. If I don’t wait I will probably be here for at least four more.—So—You see—I’m not sure what to do—I think I’ll just sit tight for awhile and see what happens—

What makes me so damn mad is that when I see some of these [illegible cross out] that are Cap’t. now—Nothing but yellow bellied S.O.B’s, I— Well—They finally got there Cap’t. and they couldn’t lead a puppy to the nearest

[unnumbered page 3]


There is a show on tonight but it is mystery and I think I’d rather write—Wouldn’t you rather have me write?—I’m sure you would—If this writing looks worse then usual it is because my hand is perspiring and I’m holding this pen like a piece of chalk—Ha.

Still my Sweetheart?—

Good Evening Honey

I Love You

x Walt x


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