21 April 1945

Walt is still wondering if it’s worth it to wait for that promotion, and apparently Ruth is still not happy working. Kind of a glum letter.

A transcript follows the letter images.


4-21-45 [top edge of paper torn]

Hello Honey

How is my sweet little wife tonight? O.K. I hope.

I am the same as usual, feeling O.K. but rather lonesome—More so then usual. So much so that I’ve even been considering “throwing in the towel” and letting some of the rest of the boys take a crack at it. Don’t know yet.

Got your letter today telling the mo. in which you thought I’d be home—Well, doesn’t look quite so promising now—Sorry to say. Well sometimes I don’t know what to do—Would rather be home by a long shot

Recieved also the picture of you, Twila and Virginia. A little blurred but O.K.

[unnumbered page 2]

You look like “my” “Gibson Girl with that little hat perched up there—At least what I can see of it. One doesn’t realize how really nice looking you are until you are compared with other women, like in that picture—I mean to say it is more noticable—I always realize it (Ha.)

About your job—Honey you can quit tomorrow if you like in fact—if you wish quit now—today. No time like the present—You don’t have to ask me—Hell—the only reason I recomended a job was that I tho’t you’ld be better off working.—In fact if it is bothering you at all you’ld better quit and soon or I’ll (illegible cross out)

[unnumbered page 3]

start raising hell every letter. If I’m not making enough to keep us going now I’ll never be—At least I reckon that is the setup.

Well—Honey—Guess that is enough B.S. for tonight. I have been kind of slow about writing, yesterday I went on a ferry trip and didn’t get back until this afternoon—So that accounts for one day—Ha.

Take it easy

I Love You

x Walt x

At least my little behind isn’t getting any larger (Ha.)


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