23 April 1945

Walt has over 300 combat hours now, and has flown on his third mission to Formosa as cover for bombers. I want to say to young readers that Formosa refers to Taiwan, but with the modern recognition of Mainland China as the only China, I wonder if there are readers unfamiliar with Taiwan and its politics with the mainland. I guess Wikipedia is as good a place as any to start reading about Taiwan (Formosa), and for the purposes of this letter and the war with Japan, you can read about the long Japanese occupation of Formosa.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hi Sweetheart

I Love You.

I’m going to write you a very short letter tonight. Just enough to let you know I’m thinking of you—In fact there isn’t much of the time that I don’t think of you.

I want to write to Mom and the family at home, also a short letter to Doris and Sib. I haven’t written to Sib for months and months. It is about time I think. Don’t you?

If I get finished in time I think I’ll walk down the road and see Rule and Regan and Fagerland.—The’re at the same place and have been for quite awhile

[unnumbered page 2]

I don’t see much of them tho. All the time in the world but we never get around to it.—I think I’ll take some of your pictures down with me.

I flew on my third mission to Formosa today—On a cover mission over bombers. We never see anything tho—Nips are afraid to get off the ground I guess—Ha.

I have well over 300 hrs. combat time now—Quite a bit isn’t it? Sho is!

Lookin’ pretty nice tonight Honey—Don’t know how you manage to do it all the time but someway or another you do—Hair combed—should say Lovely Hairdo—Nice smile, Fur coat and well—Purty

[unnumbered page 3]

sweet I calls it.

Well—Must rush on and see how fast I can turn out three more letters—So—with your most gracious permission (Like that)

I’ll bid you Adieu



I Love You

x Walt x

Just thinkin’ maybe I should come home so I can get you some cig.



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