9 April 1945

Walt sends more pictures. The first is of General Whitehead pinning an Air Medal on him, about which he doesn’t seem too impressed. He also notes that since that photo, he has received a cluster on the Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross for having been shot down in January.

A second picture is of his Flight, the B Flight. The third picture is that photo at the squadron bar that I posted on 23 March, but post here again, since it came with this letter.

  • Top row: Martin, Johnson, Best, Sowl, Meinerz, Lake
  • Bottom row: McAlpin, Lubold, Brown, Pittman, White

Walt says the guy at the left of the Flight photo is the previous leader, but I don’t know if he means in the top or bottom row.

Walt also congratulates Ruth’s sister, Ruby, on the birth of her first son, Larry.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Evening Sweetheart

How is my sweet little wife? Fine and dandy I hope. I’m O.K.—just bored with the slow life we’ve been having lately—But then I’m always restless if we’re not going wide open.—When you have nothing to do but lay around one thinks too much—Not good unh?

I’m sending some pictures home—providing I can get them in an envellope.—One picture is shows Gen. Whitehead pinning an Air Medal on me—Ha—A stinkin’ Air Medal—I’d of rather seen him jam it up ——. Since then I’ve got a cluster to the Air Medal and a “D.F.C.” for the mission I was shot down on.

Another picture shows a bar scene in our club.

And the other picture is of my Flt. The guy on the left is the old Flt. Leader. That one of the Gen. and I sure is a dumb thing if I’ve ever seen one.

Recieved letter and card from the “Cooks”—

[unnumbered page 2]

Understand the stork flew by—Good deal—Give the little Rascal and his Mother my best wishes and many happy returns of the day—Ha—Or has she changed her mind by now.

I suppose I’ll have an authority on my hands when I get home—On childbirth, baby care etc.—Well get some practice—might hit the Jackpot some time—Ha.

Say—in that Flt. picture—Don’t you think White and I are about the two most handsome men in that picture—Ha.—Course you’ve got to take a lot of things into consideration there—Ha.

Well—Honey—What do you say we close this until tomorrow So—

Good Night Sweetheart

I Love you

x Walt x




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