6-7 August 1945

As we know, August 6, 1945 was the day the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. There’s no hint of that in this letter, but it might explain why there are no more letters until the 15th if it caused heightened tension and actions.

Walt doesn’t seem to be aware of anything unusual, except that he has been having some interesting missions.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Evenin’ Sweetheart

Ya know ah loves ya, don’t ya now?

Here it is 10:30 and I don’t feel a bit sleepy so I says to myself says I maybe I should write that sweet little wife of mine a letter. Just to let her know I’m thinking of her. Don’t you think thats nice of me?

Say! I’d like to see that small strip of cloth you call a bathing suit—Rather I’d like to see you in it—That would be much better. Black too—Must be quite allright.

What’s the stuff about you altering your green dress—Are you losing weight or is the dress chagging changing its shape—I allways liked that little outfit.

I still haven’t figured out what K.C. means.—I’ve tho’t of Kansas City, Steak etc. I’m afraid to ask for fear I shouldn’t—In fact I’m in a hell of a fix.—Ha.

I got a couple letters from Doris and Mom and one from O.B. Hawkins—they are doing a pretty good job of sending our Philipine mail to us—Just

[unnumbered page 2]

a few days late.

By the way—They are only paying us $35.00 a month cash here—The rest we have to send home—Rather they are sending it for us—So I am sending mine to the bank along with the allotment—I think it will go on two seperate checks.

As $35.00 won’t go very far considering that I owe almost that much, you’ld better leave a considerable amt in the checking acc’t in case I need some money. It isn’t necessary at the present but it will be in a couple of months.

I’ll be eligible to go home the last of Sep’t.—Then it will take some time for my orders to go thru. So I have it figured out that if I come home on a boat I should reach the States during Nov.—It is a little longer then I first figured on but is the best I can do at present.

We have been running some excellent missions—Have been congratulated several times already—(Sqd. I mean) [illegible cross out] Hope we continue to have good luck


[unnumbered page 3]

I’ll not start a new page as my rusty wheels are slowing down.

What is the dope on the States side way of life—anything new?

For now Honey

Stay on the beam

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

8-7-45 Morn.

Hello again Honey—

Just got up and as I haven’t enclosed this yet I think I’ll say

Good Morning Sweetheart

I Love You

I’m not flying today—just sitting around I hope—

I’m in a mell of a hix—The foot locker with my clothes in was left at APO #70 and I don’t know when it will get here—So—Dirty clothes.

For now

Morning Honey

I Love You

x Walt x


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