17 February 1945

Walt finally writes in February at the end of his leave, but before he arrives back at camp. He has finally received his promotion to 1st Lt.

It’s hard to tell from Walt’s description how many photos he included in the original letter, but I found only one in the envelope (the one of him on the left). He describes there being at least one of him and his “No. 1 boy,” Pedro, which I found among all the loose photos I have:

A transcript follows the letter images.


Feb 17, ’45

Good Afternoon


I Love You

Long time no letters eh what?—Well—I haven’t had any either but I know there will be a lot at camp when I get back.—Really now—I’m eager to get back too—the only reason being to get those letters.—Outside of that I’d just as soon stay here and keep on eating. Altho I must say this is getting boring—The first few days here I “drank up a storm”—No kiding either—Tsk—terrible.—But one even gets tired of doing that.

I went to a show yesterday afternoon—”Arsenic and Old Lace”—Did you see it?—I almost split my sides—

I have a couple of packages going back to you—A couple of nice soft

[unnumbered page 2]

things for you to (wiggle) play around in with your feet.—No—wait till you get them—I’ll tell you one thing I got tho—I’ve got to explain about this ’cause I don’t know whether you’ll like it—It is a white wool sweater—just to put around you when it’s cool—Hope you like it.

Oh yes—I had everybody in a ladies clothing store blushing and laughing. Ha—Another guy went with me—(He had to shop for his wife also and is bashful)—Well—I was looking for a black nightgown for you—They didn’t have any—So I wanted to look at some anyway—She wanted to know what kind—I stuttered around and said something nice, soft, sheer, silky, slinky—And everybody had a fit—Ha.

[unnumbered page 3]

I finally got one but not what I wanted—It will do I guess.

Am sending a small billfold to go in your purse—I think you’ll like it.—Am running out of money or would send more wool things—they really have nice wool clothing—Oh yeah a couple of pictures also—Snapshots one of me and several of myself and our no. 1 boy (Philipino). His name is Pedro—Am sending one in this letter also.

I believin believe I’m getting a little heavier lately—No exercise to amount to anything—Just fly and lay around in in Sack.—So don’t be surprised when you see me if I’m walking around

[unnumbered page 4]

with a wheel barrow.—Ha.

We were supposed to start back this morning but the plane didn’t get here—Will probably go for sure in the morning Roughski!

Well Honey

Take it easy

Will write as soon as I get back

Good Evening Sweetheart

I Love You


P.S.—I forgot—I’m a 1st Lt. now. (about time)

(P.S.—I wrote a check for $100.00
in fine print. Tsk.)

Say—are we managing to save anything.



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