23 January 1945

Update 2/7/2018: After looking at Walt’s pilot log, I think this letter was misdated and should say 1945. I think it’s the first letter he wrote after being shot down and rescued. In January 1944, Walt was still in flight training in Georgia. Today, I’m moving the letter to it’s proper place.

Walt says that he has been wherever he is for 7 months, but then he also says he’s “been in since the first of Nov.” So I’m not sure how those two ideas mesh. I guess one could refer to place and the other to squadron assignment or something like that.

Walt talks about looking for some opal earrings for Ruth the next time he is on leave. I know that he eventually found some opal stones for her that she kept wrapped in tissue paper in a dresser drawer. I used to look at them all the time, because they were my birthstone, as well as Ruth’s. She used to say she was supposed to have them made into earrings, but it never happened. Instead, she had them made into a pendant for me as a high school graduation gift. It was a little fancy for my taste, so I recently designed a more bohemian-style necklace around it that I can wear with casual clothes.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Jan. 23, 44.

Hi Sweetheart—

Finally I’m getting around to writing you again—I’ve been flying alot and haven’t had anytime,—I’m writing now by candle light. Ha.

My new A.P.O. is #70

We have been having a lot of fun lately—Strafing every thing that moves—Lot of it too.

From what I hear you had a nice Christmas—wait ’til next year—Ummmm.

Mom and Ruth wrote that they had a nice Christmas, I’m glad to hear everybody is happy.

I’m going on rest leave a week from today—I’ll see if I can find you something nice their—I’m looking for opal earrings but cant find them—Tried the last time with no luck. Do you ever wear your ring—I like that ring!

So you finally got the Hula Skirt.—Ummmm. Ow wow!

[unnumbered page 2]

bet you shore look cute.—I want to see you “flip a hip” in that when I get home.—

Been here 7 mos. now—7 more and I ought to be getting ready to come home maybe—I guess we can consider this the half way mark—If I stay longer then that I ought to be a General—Ha. As it is I might make “First” I’ve been in since the 1st of Nov. but haven’t heard yet.—It should come thru soon—Hope—a hope—I’m sixed from the top at present—sixthed 6th oldest man I mean—

If I don’t Snafu—I should get along O.K.—Probably take time—On the other hand I’ll probably “Snafu”.

[unnumbered page 3]

I’m ready for my leave this time—I need some fresh milk—um—boy—Wait until I lay hands on a glass of cold milk—I’ll drink enough for two people people. Beer also—I can stand some of it.—Ha.

We are way up now—As far as we can go

Guess I’ll say

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

Will forever

x Walt x



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