26 January 1945

Walt mentions having returned from a “lonely little cruise,” a reference to being in a life raft after being shot down. And in a few days he will be “going on leave” either in three days or for three days, which accounts for some of the days with no letters in February, I guess.

He brags a little about intelligence that shows the Japanese are aware of his squadron, and even had a name for them when they had P-39s—Long Nose Strafers.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Jan. 26, 1945

Good Evening

Do you know?—I love you very much!—Do you know?—How much!—Nope! And I can not tell you—I cannot measure a quantity that large.—Aren’t you lucky?—Am I not conceited? Yes—I reckon—But isn’t it nice.—To think so much of ones self—Then,—when I like or love someone else—I really must love them—Yes’m!

If you read the mess as if it was a 1st grade reader then it might make sense.—At any rate—I’ll come down to earth and tell you that you are the one nicest sweetest little women in ze whole wide world—What you tink of dat?

Been flying two missions per day since I came back off

[unnumbered page 2]

my little cruise—My lonesome little cruise—Ha.

I have 100 missions and a little over 200 hrs.—Not bad unh?

A guy told me today that I would be a Flt. Leader within a month.—I hope so—That job calls for a Captaincy and I haven’t even got my 1st Lt. bars yet—I’ve been in three mos. now—But the higher echelons have been moving around so much that they can’t catch up on their paper work—At least that is what they’ve told me—Also—the C.O. said that if it was going to bounce it would have done so already, and that it would probably come thru back dated.—Hope so, a couple of days now and I will be going on leave—

[unnumbered page 3]

three days to be exact—Wish you could be there—Then I would have a way to spend my time—And what a lovely way it would be to spend it—

I always wish it could be possible to have you with me—And see all these places with me—And I probably never shall be able to do that—Might be possible—One never knows—I would like to have you see these so-called jewels of the Pacific. I really don’t hate it over here—It seems rather romantic to me—Just a dreamer eh?

With you and I being away from each other tho—I can’t wait until I get home. Since it isn’t possible at the present—I hope I can make

[unnumbered page 4]

something out of my stay here.—I am eager enough to want to better myself a bit especially when it concerns something I like to do.

We have been having very good missions lately—Very good results—I’ll bet our Sqd. is the most hated by the Japs of any Sqd in the Pacific.

In fact they have found intelligence documents (Jap) that we are—When the we had P-39’s they called us the “Long Nose Strafers”—And were very much afraid of the plane—This Sqd has dogged their steps from the bottom of N. Guinea to the Philipines. And we’ve been giving them more hell then usual lately.—

How do you like that for a sales talk—The funny

[unnumbered page 5]

part is it is all true.

Been talking about myself alot lately haven’t I—

Well—I find it hard to talk about you—I haven’t seen you for so long I just sit and remember you—And how sweet you are—And that is that.—I think how pretty you are—How you always think of me when we do something or are about to. But as for actual down to earth talk, and in written correspondence at that—I dunno what to say.

I seem to be filling up a lot of paper tonight—Ha. If I wasn’t afraid I’d tear it up—I’d read it and see if I could make any sense out of it—So guess I won’t read it.

[unnumbered page 6]

I bet you’ve read so many of my letters that you can read the 1st paragraph and then say—Well he’s tired tonight Not so much B.S.—In fact nothing much at all—

Then pick up another one and say—Hmmm—He didn’t fly much today—Here comes a “snow job”—Well—that is very likely the way it goes.

Guess I’d better stop before I have to use two envelopes.

You be a good gal now and come and kiss your Pappy—

Good Night


I Love You

x Walt x


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