29 January 1945

A transcript follows the letter images.


Jan 29, ’45

Hello I mean

A very late Good Evening Sweetheart

It is about 11:30—I’m not sleepy so I think I’ll write you a letter. Hey!

You’ve never seen a bright moon—I’ve just reached that conclusion as I’ve never seen a moon as bright as the one over head tonight.

It is beautiful—there are a few wisps of thin white clouds; the sky is dark blue and a million stars are shining. It is so bright that you throw a nice black shadow when you walk around. I would like to be rowing up the river (by) that runs along beside the tent—paddling a canoe—of course you would be right there also.

But a moon like this spells

[unnumbered page 2]

other things and makes you forget the beauty, These are the nights the Nips dream about so they can come over and bomb and strafe, they never come around when the moon is dark and doesn’t cast much light.

We haven’t seen many since we arrived here—We hit them to hard—guess they are still feeling groggy at night—Ha—

I led another large dive bombing strike today—It is a lot of fun if you make no mistake in reading the map—One mistake and “blewie” We’d blow up our own troops—Not bragging but our sqd. is pretty good at this sort of thing so they let us lead other Sqd. on strikes—Ha—That more or less “P’s” ’em off” Ha.

Things are changed a bit—We

[unnumbered page 3]

don’t go on leave tomorrow—Maybe the next day—At any rate I’m not flying tomorrow unless a new mission comes in and we run short on Pilots.

I think I’ll sleep in and then clean up a bit around the tent. Old mother Pittman I was known as in those days. Ha! Lets be forgettin’ that stuff when I come home.

Did I tell you we have a No. 1 boy in our tent during the day—He helps keep things cleaned up a bit—shined my shoes today—and took my laundry home tonight—His mother is going to do it for me—They do a fine job too—Not pressed but clean and folded neat. I paid them by giving them a blanket and some soap.

[unnumbered page 4]

Wish I was in Ohio tonight—How would you like me to come drifting in with a Hi Honey—Unh?—Would be pretty nice wouldn’t it? Sho would.


Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x


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