3-6 January 1945

Walt has moved and his new APO is 321. Now he can reveal that the squadron had been at Morotai and that he is now in the Philippines, but he can’t be more specific.

Soon, he expects the squadron to be completely equipped with Mustangs; personally he has 175 combat hours and 90 missions, and is expecting the Air Medal.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Morning Honey,

Long time no hear, eh what?

I finally have time to write you a letter.—Isn’t that wonderful. Well, I wouldn’t say that—but you might want to hear something.

I was on a “ferry trip” (planes I mean) over New Years—lasted four days—During that time the Sqd. moved to a new location and I am now with them—In fact have flown a mission already.—

We are really up there as far as we can get—and I mean it is hot. Our last location was Morotai.

[unnumbered page 2]

Two of our boys have got a “Nip” plane a piece.—Shot them down yesterday. I’m (PO’d) because I wasn’t with them.

Our new A.P.O. is #321

I imagine the letters will be slow in getting here for awhile.—Hope not too slow.

Well Honey—Another year has rolled around—what do you know?—A few days and it will be three years. Quite a long time isn’t it? Well—It is almost possible that before another Christmas and New Years comes along things will be straightened out.

[unnumbered page 3]

The island we are on now is beautiful compared to the places we have been—In the background to the North there is a high range of mountains—in the early morning fog lays in patches in the valleys and is very pretty. From the mountains to us (it) the ground is rolling hills covered with long grass—pretty but not nice to walk thru.—Then it stretches flat to the sea—that is where our strip is, naturally.

We expect some very good missions now—Hope we get them—In fact it is almost impossible not to have

[unnumbered page 4]

good missions.

Rule and Regan are on the Island but I haven’t seen them yet. They both have one plane to their credit. Fagerland has bailed out twice already.—We had a man bail out yesterday and they are trying to rescue him now.

I gotta go and I mean it—

I Love You

x Walt x

[unnumbered page 5]


Good Morning Dear One.

Here I am again—[bracket pointing above line to word weather] Hotter then hell, but guess I’d better write—what do you think?

I didn’t know until yesterday that I can tell you—We are in the Philipines—Where—you’ll have to guess—Shouldn’t be hard. By the time you read this bigger things will have happened probably.

They rescued the guy that bailed out.—Nice going.

I have seen Bataan, Corregidor, (Manilla) Manila—from the air of course—beautiful.

There is a lot of action

[unnumbered page 6]

around here now—I personally haven’t encountered much but I’m hoping.—At least were in where the men play.—Ha.

It is really hot this morning—Wow—I’m in shorts and sweating like the devil.

I’d like to see you in that new dress you made—bet it is pretty neat—unh—Purty neat material in it too uh? inside I mean.—Yeah Man!


Got a kiss for me—umm! purty good.

I’ve just finished eating. Know what we had—Tea, Tasteless crackers comparable to hard tack, beans, peanut

[unnumbered page 7]

butter which I hate—thats it—meal after meal—Gaugh!—I’m fairly happy tho—as happy as I can be over here.—I would like very much to be home with you—more then anything else—but I don’t mind it too much—I learned to fly for just such a thing—and wouldn’t be completely happy if I wasn’t doing it.—What I’m getting at is—That some of these guys give me a pain—every time they open their mouth they want to go home.

[unnumbered page 8]


Hi Honey—or Good Evening Sweetheart—

Didn’t fly again today—Everything “Snafu.” Should start again in earnest tomorrow.

I saw Marty the other evening. He thanks you for the religious book—He didn’t have one.

Garner and Dubost are actually on their way home—I checked at the hospital while I was at Biak on Ferry trip.—Our Sqd. should be completely equipped with “Mustangs” in a

[unnumbered page 9]

few days. They are a wonderful airplane—the best in the world I think—there is another group of them over here—as yet they haven’t been in combat.—

We are really making a name for ourselves here—When you take fighter planes and pilots and “knock out” shipping that we found in the first place and then sent 70 light bombers to get (which they didn’t and then we sink and burn them with 16 planes—How do you like that.

[unnumbered page 10]

Guess you know I love you—Honey—More then I can say—Love You, Love You, Love You. One of these days I’ll be telling you that.

I have 175 combat hrs. and 90 missions—And one Air Medal coming up—Not much is it—Ha—If we had done as much in the European Theatre we’d have ribbons and medals all over us.

Well—Good Evening Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt

I Love You.



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