15 July 1945

This is one of a handful of letters written on thin, fine paper, sort of like what we might call onion skin, and it is difficult to read, as the writing on the other side shows through.

Walt had a boring three-day leave in Manila, but on returning, they got a shipment of eggs and have been trying out ways of cooking them before they go bad.

He mentions hearing from his brother, someone he hasn’t mentioned much, who is working with B-29s. Not much else to explain where he is though.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Evening Honey

How are you all or all of you I mean?—I hope your sunburn is better, or better yet hast turned to a nice tan. You look very well with a tan at least you did with the make up at Basic—Remember the surprised look on my face.—Ha.

I am fine and dandy—Just three day drunk in Manila. Ha. that is a dull place to spend a 3 day leave. No place to go—nothing to do.

We got in a large shipment of eggs. We usually don’t have them at all—In fact they are a rare occurance. But this time we have so many we are having trouble getting them used up—They are cold storage naturally

[unnumbered page 2]

and won’t keep.—We have them fried in the morning and boiled at noon and evening. So this evening another guy and I made some salad dressing (after a fashion) and I boiled up some eggs—tonight we’ll have deviled eggs before bed.—Ha.—I tried a couple and it don’t taste bad. Pretty good in fact.

Umm! it just started to rain, Isn’t it nice?—Cools of a little I hope.

I have heard a rumor that I might be able to come home a month early, in I hope so—I’m getting tired of this life.—Not so tired of this life as I am lonesome for you—Sho would like to see you.

[unnumbered page 3]

That Larry is quite a chunk of fat according to the picture—Bet he is a cute little devil—

That was quite a return address I had wrote on that one letter—San Franklin, Penna.—Probably half asleep.

I understand Sib is going to tinker around B-29’s for awhile now—He said he had a chance to go and get a commission but it was too late in the game for that. Don’t blame him now—A few months ago it would have been a good deal.—Think I’ll write him a letter tonight

Be a good girl Sweetheart

I’ll love you alway

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


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