5 July 1945

A transcript follows the letter images.



Evenin’ Honey

Did you all have a merry 4th of July or was it just another day? Hope you didn’t burn your finners with any fire crackers—Ha—Just kiddin’—I don’t imagine they have any thing like that now.

I managed to get pretty drunk last night.—First time for a long time.

This has been a (peculliar) [under parentheses: or sompin.] funny day—wind—has been blowing continuously all day—That is strange for this location—I hope it keeps blowing as long as we are here. Much more comfortable.

No letter today—No letter today

Not kicking—Just expected one for some reason or another. I sho like to get letters from you.

[unnumbered page 2]

Haven’t heard you say anything about your Ma and Pa lately—How are they getting along.—I’ll bet they think I’m some Son in law—I never write them (or say) (I) I think about them tho.

Connie Fagerland has gone home or did I tell you before? Glad to see him go—He has had a rough time over here.

Well Honey

Signing off with

Love and Kisses

Good Night Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x


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