16 June 1945

This letter is dated by the postmark, since Walt didn’t write a date on the letter. If it’s like all the other letters, though, it was probably written much earlier than the postmark. Walt says he hasn’t written for five days, but the last letter I have is 27 May, putting this one closer to the beginning of June.

He has been to Manila and seen firsthand the destruction there, something that is much more striking than seeing it from the air.

While in Manila, he has stayed with a Frank Aguianaldo, someone wealthy and well-connected. He thinks Ruth may have read historical accounts of his family. He is probably referring to Emilio Aguianaldo, a rebel fighter in the fight for Philippine independence.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Hello Sweetheart

How are you? Loafing now, rather working at home I should say.

I haven’t written for five days as I have been to Manila for three—Didn’t write the day before and day after.

Boy! is that town a mess. It is burned, blown up—you can’t imagine what it looks like.—I’ve seen plenty of places from the air—but that is the first I’ve seen anything like that from the ground—It must have been a beautiful city—not now.

I started this last evening but the mosquitoes were so bad I had to get under the net and that means bed—

More about Manila.

Three of us go down at a time for three days—We stay at a Spaniards home (Frank Aguianaldo). He is reported to be one of the wealthiest men in the P.I.

[unnumbered page 2]

He comes of a very famous family, you have very likely read in history of them.

There isn’t much to do there—They had some liquor and good food.—Our “jeep” was minus a battery tho and we couldn’t go any place—The house was out of town about five miles.

If you want to see something “snazzy” you should see some of these Spanish gals—Whew!

Letters have been a little slow like mine eh—I expect one tomorrow tho—perhaps even more.—If you’re not too busy you might write Mom a card and tell her you heard from me.

This writing is terrible, but you should see my possition.

[unnumbered page 3]

The weather is not very good—Rain, rain, rain—and it is only starting—In another two or three weeks we will probably be lucky to get off the ground at all—I’m not worried tho.

Marty Regan has gone home—I didn’t know until yesterday—He has been gone for a couple of weeks now—Vat you know!?

Well—just hang on—Don’t start up and down the bannister yet—wait a couple of months—Ha.

I Love you Honey

Must end this and go make out schedule


Good Night Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x


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