17 June 1945

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hello Sweetheart

How are you this June day? I hope you’re feeling well and happy. I also hope those teeth are beginning to mend their ways.

I am O.K. Exceptions:—I can’t keep still—can’t find anything to fill up my time—Restless as a pregnant nun in church. That is pretty restless isn’t it? Sometimes I wish I hadn’t stayed over. (I) Most any person with even a half a brain would have gone home; but not Pittman. He has to stay until the last dog is hung. Oh well—such is life.

Say this sounds like a Cadet letter to my Mother—Ha—I was always down in the mouth about my flying then. Ha.

[unnumbered page 2]

I am writing this befor it gets dark tonight as I want to go to the theatre and see “God Is My Co-Pilot.”Maybe I can learn something. It had better be good or I’ll be disappointed.

I lead a bomb mission today and then had a nice ratrace for awhile—We almost always have a rat race when I’m flying. More fun—gets the kinks (of) out of our necks or the lead out of our (——).

I certainly would like to see you Honey—In fact—for the first time since I’ve been overseas the time is going slow.—I actually am counting off the days. Waiting on my Captcy for one thing and waiting until I can start East over

[unnumbered page 3]

the blue Pacific again.—That will be a day of days.

I have a hunch I might see another campaign before I get back.—Seems as if that will be too long of a wait to stay at the same location. We have already been here longer then we have stayed at any one place before. Getting stale.

You can tell I’m not flying much anymore—I have only 356 combat hrs. now. I say only—I mean I’ve had approx. that many for quite some time.

I’m glad to hear Ruby made the trip O.K. and that they are safely settled—It doesn’t look as tho Howard will get overseas unless he gets in a hurry.—Well. —More

[unnumbered page 4]


Getting very “cadgy” “cagey” or wise at had handling the pasteboards aren’t you. Good deal! I haven’t been playing much lately—Gets boring after awhile.

The rain has let up a little, it will probably start with a vengence in a few days. It is a lot better sleeping in the rain.—Isn’t Honey?

Well—Here’s Hoping It Isn’t Too Long Before We Can Get Our Sack Time Changed Too Dual Time—What do you say?—

Good Night Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x



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