23 June 1945

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hi Honey

Baby but it shore is nice here now—It just rained and cooled the air off—And as I’m sitting here in the nude, writing while a breeze is blowing I’m fairly comfortable.

A couple of the boys are going home tomorrow (Bradley and Havill) from Michigan and New York respectively) so: therefore—we are going to pitch a small drunk tonight.—What you know—Have to send them away with a real farewell you know. Ha.

If you get a “collect call” it will probably be from “Bradley” so take it.—He may even stop by the house as he has to go to Cleveland and said he might drive down.

Nu No letters for a couple

[unnumbered page 2]

of days, looking for one tomorrow.

Do you ever hear from the Garners anymore. I don’t suppose you do—they are probably busy.

I saw something interesting today—I lead a 12 ship mission and bombed and strafed ahead of an airborne landing—It was quite a show—Very nice.

Well the fellows are starting to gather around so I think I’d better end this now.


Good Night


I Love You

x Walt x


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