26 June 1945

A transcript follows the letter images.



Jello Sweetheart

How is that sweet little woman I call my wife?—or rather who is my wife—Still up and doing I reckon—altho at the moment she is probably sitting down and relaxing while she reads this batch of scribling I call a letter and other people can’t even name.

I am feeling O.K. as per—Just got another hair cut—very flattering—high on one side, nicked here and there and needs thining badly—Otherwise it is a good haircut.

No Honey—I don’t know where all the former Cadets, Pilots and etc. are—Scattered over the universe like so many dead leaves I reckon.

Of course I never bother

[unnumbered page 2]

to get peoples address—so I’ll never know—Might have come in handy if we’d ever started to bum around the country—Unh?

You said you showed your visitors all the things I sent you and it kept you busy—I didn’t realize I’d sent so much—Ha—Probably didn’t.—Did you model your Hawaian costume for them or just let them imagine?

Well—I suppose you let them imagine.

Guess I’ll hang out the close aboot here—So

Good Night Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

P.S.—The powder keeps the envellope from sticking—No suspicions.




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