30 June 1945

A transcript follows the letter images.



Evenin’ Honey

How’re ya? Fit as a fiddle I’ll bet. I’m feeling fairly well—A little tired this evening but nothing that a good night in the sack won’t cure.

I’ve got my diary out—I haven’t written anything in it for a month so I reckon I’d better get buzy (not that; I mean “busy”) Ha.

I got a letter from you today—I reckon you must be fairly tearing that house apart and reassembling it to suit yourself. Curtains here, there, everywhere—Must be getting in practice for the grand home coming.—Ha—I don’t think you’ld need any—You are naturally a smart little wife.

I’m beginning to think this rainy season is a myth.—But I’ll probably have to eat those words

[unnumbered page 2]

in the near future. Anyway for the last few days it hasn’t rained very much—Altho it is sprinkling now—[illegible]—I’ll bet that is the silliest par. you’ve read in a long time.

I got the financial report 1200.00 in savings—160 in checking. And J. J. and [illegible] check came thru. Good deal.—Thats not too bad—By the time I get home we ought to have close to 2000. bucks—That won’t be bad.—I wish we could put away 1200 a year for the next 30 years—Lets see—56—That’s pretty old isn’t it—will have to make it 2400 for 15 yrs.—Ha—I can just see me putting money in the bank—I can’t even see myself making a living.—But—taking the bridges as they come—I shut up—slow up—stop—Goodnight Sweetheart
I Love You x Walt x


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