14-16 March 1945

Walt has been made the C Flight Leader and is hoping for a Captaincy in a few months.

At camp, they have built a makeshift club where they can drink and play cards.

A transcript follows the letter images.





Think I’ll write you a letter just for the H—— of it.—How would you like that?—O.K. I’ll do it.

Guess I’d better write you now as I’m figuring pretty strong on the subject of subjecting myself to the subjugating powers of that old subjugator—Think I’ll drink up my dinner tonight just to pass the time away.—In, other words I probably won’t feel like writing, as we’re going to open our little club tonight and we will all celebrate,—naturally.

It is a small place built out of bamboo—a small bar and a couple of tables—A makeshift affair at which we will be able to get a few drinks. We all chiped in and bought the liquor whiskey.

[unnumbered page 2]

I bought a bunch of Air Mail envelopes yesterday—So I’ll have no trouble along that line for a few days—I could only buy 15 tho.—Maybe by that time there will be an opportunity to buy more.

Shore look sweet today Honey, very sweet—rather inviting I’d say in one—and just a sweet gal in the rest—differences naturally (but) but nice.


B-B-Baby—did I ever get stinkin’—well I should snicker I did. Didn’t get to bed ’til 5:00 yesterday morning—We really opened that club. Had a good time—Everyone did I guess—Just happened to be a few of us who could handle it longer I guess—We both opened it and closed it.

I have a bit of good news for you tonight—I’m “C” Flt. Leader now—How do you

[unnumbered page 3]

like that—If our luck still holds together which I know it will—Well—in other words if I don’t mess things up I might get to be a Cap’t. in a few months—say 3 or 4 or more.—I hope I’m lucky enough to, and the higher echelons relax enough What I’m trying to say is—I hope I’m extremely lucky and that the higher echelons relax on old rules enough to let my promotion go thru “fast”—It may possibly take time.—Now—if you just sit tight and keep your fingers crossed and keep on writing letters like you have—Well—The time will really go fast.

I hope I’m not building up any false hopes or getting the cart ahead of the horse with all this talk about promotions but you know me—Tonight I’m eager.—Ha—

[unnumbered page 4]

Two other guys made Flt. Leaders today also—The sad part is—If Franklin and Dubost were still here they would be the other two—Wouldn’t that have been nice. But—So it goes.—Sorry to say Garner wouldn’t have quite made the grade—But he might have gone home sooner. So much for that.

Well—Honey—I haven’t even told you I love you yet—But was it really necessary?—It was.—You mean you like to hear me go on saying that in every letter?—O.K.—I’ll dood it. For I certainly do love you—I think your the one sweetest, nicest, little wife a man could have.

With that I’ll say

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x


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