18 March 1945

I don’t know what Walt means by having read “a ‘Blood and Thunder'” but it sounds like a newspaper or magazine. I haven’t been able to find such a title without a current historical book getting in the way of my searches.

Walt asks if Ruth’s sister Ruby has given birth yet, but her son, Larry, won’t be born until the 24th.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Morning Honey

It is just a few minutes after midnight so I guess I can legally use “morning” Unh?

I read a “Blood and Thunder” tonight, “shot the bull ” for awhile and find that I’m not sleepy yet—So I can think of nothing to do except write to you—Now I don’t know of anyone else that could expect to get a letter from me that I had written at this hour of the day—Just you! Shore will be glad when the day comes that I’ll be able to forget about writing and at an hour this late in the morning I’ll just snuggle you up a little closer to me and wonder how in the world we ever had got so far away from each other. Um—Those will be the days.—I’ve been pretty lonesome lately and have been (wanting) wishing I could be with you, more then usual [arrow from wishing to more then usual]—Strikes me in

[unnumbered page 2]

streaks I guess—Then I jar myself a couple of times and say—”What the hells the matter with you?—Stay off that old stuff and the time will go easier”—So you see—Sometimes I’ve went to extremes and haven’t written for 3 or 4 days at a time and fly as much as I can—it helps for awhile but not for long.

At the present time I’m trying to console myself to the fact that I will very likely be over here a little longer then I thought—Maybe not longer then I thought but longer then you did—Altho you never did reveal the month you picked.—But to get more one has to do more—Or so they tell me, at any rate I won’t be flying so much in a couple mos. I’ll see to that—Ha.—It is almost getting to the place where I have a few things to say about what I’m going to do—or am I bragging. Think I ought to quit now or go on?—should go on unh?

[unnumbered page 3]

Reckon I should start a new paragraph anyway—Those other two pages are full of a mass of words and thats all.

Are we Aunt and Uncle yet or did “it” get in crossways—Hope every thing is allright—I’m sure it will be.

I think the mail has been Snafued over here for the last week—I’ve only recieved  one letter and it was from Sis. Ruth. I’ll probably get a stack of it in a day or so. Hope so anyway.

You my Honey? Still love me? Gotta big hug and kiss for me? O.K. then—I’ll go and hit the sack—and log some more solo time—I’m getting badly in need of some Dual instruction tho, My acrobackaches or getting is such shape that I’ll—Well—Certainly wish I could start taking lessons

‘Night Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x



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