23 March 1945

Walt sent some photos clipped out of something called the “Wing” paper, and although they weren’t in the envelope, they were saved. I have these three:

I also have this original photo of the guys at the bar, in a slightly different pose. It’s easier to see the squadron insignia, the Strafin’ Saints, and Walt’s pajama top made from a red parachute.

As mentioned in the letter, Swain and Martin are at the far left, and Walt and Lott are at the far right of the front row.

Here’s the squadron insignia patch. Apparently it was designed by  someone at the Walt Disney studios:

Walt mentions Shomo’s feat of shooting down 7 Japanese planes, earning him the Medal of Honor. Here’s an interesting video of another pilot recalling that day:

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Evening Sweetheart,

I Love You.

Got a couple of letters from you yesterday—Happy day—unh?

You had been to church with Twila and Virginia—I’d be glad to go to church with you if I could be there—glad to. In fact I might even suggest it, but I’d probably be to sleepy. Ha—I guess you’ld kick me out of bed tho—well—maybe.

I like that perfumed scent your letters have—It is so faint you think sometimes you imagine it.—But I know—Can’t fool me if there’s perfume around I’ll notice it.—Wish right now I could notice some right behind your ear—Ummm!

Am sending some snaps or photos I’ve clipped out of our Wing paper.—I have the orig-

[unnumbered page 2]

inal to the Bar Scene but will have to bring it with me when I come home.—

The fellow I’m talking too is Jap Lott—(That is his name) He made “A” Flt. Leader at same time I made “B.”—That bottle of Slitz I’m holding is emty, Darn it!—I’m wearing the top to a pr. of Pajamas I had made out of a parachute (red) Classy unh?—Two fellows on left are Swain and Martin [arrows indicate Swain is on left and Martin on right]—Martin is in my Flt.—The fellow in the center in back is H.B. White the Operating Officer.—You can’t see the Sqd. Insignia very well. We are dubbed the “Strafin’ Saints.”

Shomo is our C.O.—He’s the Guy that shot down 7 Nips on one mission

This really looks soft doesn’t it?—Ha.—This is the first place we’ve been that we’ve

[unnumbered page 3]

been able to fix up a place for ourselves—Hope the next place is even better. The other “snaps” are of Manila.

So much for pictures.

I just found out today that the $250.00 allotment won’t take effect in March but in April. it was submitted too late for March.—So you’ll be a 100.00 shy.

Think I’ll hit the sack Honey I had a long mission today and am rather tired—So take it easy

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

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