30 March-4 April 1945

Walt reveals that it has been almost a year since he and Ruth have seen each other. He calculates that by the time he leaves (in about half a year), he’ll have 400 combat hours in.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Evening Sweetheart

How are you? Fine and finer and __ I reckon. Well now, thats lovely. I feelin’ right pert myself these yar days.

Haven’t written you for 3 or 4 days but am finally getting around to it. I took of one night to get drunk, went to bed early another, played bridge another, went to see Marty and Rule another—and was lazy another—how many is that—if it is too many or not enough “No excuse, Sir!” or “Ma’am.”

I’ve been sitting around taking it easy lately—Fly when I want to. If I don’t feel like flying I read or play bridge or Hearts or do nothing—Might as well take it easy as I’ve got some time to spend over here yet and by the time I’ll get home I’ll probably have 400 combat hours—Q quite a number of hrs, unh?

Guess Spring is knocking on your door now isn’t it? Holy

[unnumbered page 2]

Smoke! Almost a year since we’ve seen each other—quite awhile.—A lot of things happen in a year—but it is surprising how fast a year goes by—This next half year, I had better put it in “High Blower” and zip on by, but fast.

I’m a peculiar sort of a guy—in a lot of ways but listen—I worry about getting (fast) fat—So every afternoon I take exercises—and work like the devil at them—then I eat half the night—I’m not even breaking even am I?—Maybe if I slow down on the eating I’d be alright—It seems so funny—I’m almost (desp) beside myself because of wanting get on a pair of scales—If I did I’d probably find out I’d gained a lb.—Anyway I think I’m gaining—Ha.—Wouldn’t that be funny—Don’t you go putting on weight just because I think I am—I want to see you nice and slender when I get home—See kid!

[unnumbered page 3]


Hi Honey

I’m slipping unh?—Falling off on my letter writing.—But now that I’m started again I’ll probably write more often.

Altho four or five days have past I still am at a loss for something to write about.—I quit the other time merely because I couldn’t think of any thing to say.

I hope your tooth ache is better or rather that you were able to get something done about it—Boy I can see a Dentist now—with a devilish gleam in his eye—Well—if you do go—Rest easy—nothing to worry about—You’ll feel better in a couple weeks—In a pinch—head for an Army hospital.—They’ll take care of you—

Well Honey—I’m slowing up so—Take it easy

I’ll write soon

I Love You

x Walt x


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