4 March 1945

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Evening

My Darling One

How are you this Sunday—Go to church like a good girl or did you sleep in? Probably slept in unh? Well—can’t say that I blame you—I would have done the same only I flew—

I haven’t been flying as much since I came back from leave—We have more Pilots, less missions and I’m lazy. I reckon I’ll get a few more as soon as I take over a Flt. would’ve had one a couple of days ago but the guy who was to be grounded isn’t grounded yet—It shouldn’t be long tho. I hope.

I came over here for the sole purpose of writing to you and nothing to write about—I was watching a poker game and it was rather dull, So—I tho’t to myself—”Didn’t write my Honey last night—Guess I’d better write tonight”—So—you’ld

[unnumbered page 2]

better “telepath” [arrow to note above line: (Never heard of it—Sounds logical)] me an inspiration.

Ok yes!—Noticed in the Snapshot you sent me that you still have that beautiful long hair—Sho do like that hair—Sho is nice. So is the gal underneath—Sho like her too. She is sweeter than the Sugar Cane I was chewing on a few minutes ago—Sho is sweet.

There is a show on tonight—Didn’t have the feeling that I wanted to go. “Keys to the Kingdom.”

Mom seems to be getting anxious for me to come home—I’ve told her several times there is no set standard over here but she keeps asking me how many more missions and hrs I have to put in—Ha—Last letter I wrote her that this wasn’t the European Theater and explained maybe she’ll calm down a bit.

[unnumbered page 3]

Guess I’ll have to fill the rest of this letter telling you how much I love you—Now to most people that would probably be easy—But for me (I) it is a different story—You know I love you—far more then I can tell you, and would rather be with you then any one or place else—More so lately then ever—Sometimes seems as if I can’t wait ’til the times comes—Reckon I’ll love you all the more for staying away the longer—Better have a spare set of ribs for repairs when I get home—might need ’em.

At the present tho you can take off your glasses as I’m saying


Sweet Dreams


I Love You



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