5 March 1945

Walt gives Ruth advice on dealing with loneliness.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Jello Sweetheart

My Honey?—Sure and I know it—Just like to hear you say it.—Over and over and over—If we don’t sound like a couple of broken records when I get home I miss my guess—I’ll probably be saying “My Honey”?—You’ll be saying, “Yeah”

What is this stuff your writing me?—Getting all broken up one day—Whats the trouble Honey—Just feeling kinda blue and “regusted” with life in general or didn’t feel well unh?—Guess I’ll have to get a few more missions and see what the trouble is—Bet you do get mighty lonely—Sitting around waiting—working when you don’t want to.—No lovin’, no nothin’—Sure—bet no letters either—Sure wish I was there and we’d see if we couldn’t get things straightened out—Hell Honey—When you feel

[unnumbered page 2]

like you’re going to blow up and burst—well—Guess you’ll just have to do some thing—What ever you’ld like to do at the time, That is if it is possible—You have the means to go places, visit people, buy things or quit work, sit at home, raise hell or whatever you want—Guess you could even find [illegible cross out] a shoulder to cry on a bit, but better wait on me. Anyway Honey—you know what I mean—Guess maybe your little cry helped a bit and I’m glad you took the time off and went to see Janet. And if you feel like going again someplace—why pack up and go I’d a lot rather see you happy and feeling well then not.

And half our troubles should be over now—Comes this time another year and we’ll have forgotten the past and be living for the present and future—while now we’re just

[unnumbered page 3]

marking time and waiting on the future or living for it I should say.

I wouldn’t mind sticking around this area for awhile—I mean in comparison with the other ones that I’ve seen—Fairly easy missions long enough to pile up some good combat time and a fairly nice climate—Food isn’t so good but promises to be better—I suppose about the time it gets good we’ll move on to another spot—But—”Bless my Soul”if I know where—Guess they’ll make a place sooner or later—There is still a bit of work to be done here

Lot of mosquitoes around tonight plus numerous and sundry other types—models—Some bite, some don’t—same with stinging, walking, flying, crawling.—Disgusting isn’t it?

[unnumbered page 4]

Wish you were here to talk to me—Sweet and low and easy like—Tell me how much you love me—throw a kiss or two my direction and get reciprocating answers—Didn’t have to look that word up either—Yo You’ld be surprised to know some of the words I almost write—Usually can’t spell them—Ha.

Well Honey

You take it easy

Don’t fret worry or otherwise—just sit tight

Sleep and dream tonight

Sweet dreams.

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt.


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