9 March 1945

Walt describes some snapshots he received from Ruth.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Afternoon


Know what?—I finally got some good snapshots of my Honey—Darn good ones I think. I like them.

The glamour picture is quite the nuts, isn’t it?—Looks like Barbara Stanwick saying “Come on Bud.” Ha

The one you call “Dopey” I like. It doesn’t show off the coat much but it makes you stand out like a silver dollar—H’mm “show does”

The one with Ruby is “sweet,” that is the best word for it—for you. “Cause you really do look sweet the way you’re smilling and the way you have your head cocked off to one side—Hmm—I like ‘oooo

I like your coat also—Think it looks very neat—Guess you didn’t need any help after all—You knew I’d like it. Didn’t you?

Oh yes! Just wanted to mention that set of legs you walk around

[unnumbered page 2]

just so I can admire them—well every time I glance over at one of these pictures I take an extra look at the legs—Purty nice. Makes me wish I was finished over here—But—I’m not yet—So—I’ll keep looking at the pictures and keep wishing.

Flew yesterday and today—Played bridge this afternoon and that’s that—I wonder how many times I’ve written that same line to you—Enough that you’re probably getting plenty tired of it.—But—Guess thats all there is—there ain’t no more.

Satisfied anyway—I’ve got some good snapshots.

Good Evening


I Love You

x Walt x


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