1 May 1945

This is one of many letters that show how different military life must have been for pilots than for infantry. Walt has a club where he can drink and enough flying hours that he can choose when to go. Even when he does fly regularly, he has time off to write and swim and take short trips. I wonder if soldiers even had as much time to write and mail letters.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hello Honey

How are you this first day of May, Mae? O.K.? Hope so. And have the flowers, product of April showers started yet to grow?

Say—If I’d set that down in the rite way—it might be the starting of a poem, unh? Yeah, unh?

Tonight there is a show, but since I’m not in the mood for a Musical I am sitting around the club and writing you.

Naturally I have a whiskey and coke and a few peanuts here also. Sounds almost like Civilian life doesn’t it?—Well the coke is coke syrup and plain water—the whiskey is some Manila “rot gut” branded as Scotch and the peanuts are peanuts—”canned” and I’m “Pitt”—also—I’m not drunk even tho I sound like it as I just finished the first drink—Ha. Of course I’m not predicting the outcome of the evening.

I guess by now you must

[unnumbered page 2]

think I am drinking all the time as everytime I write to you I mention liquor. Well I’ll tell you—not all the time—Just from 1900 t0 2200—Ha—No it is not that bad—Altho I do my share towards keeping the club operating.

Haven’t been flying quite so much lately—I’m “P.O.’ed” at some of this Sqd. so I just sit on my —— and let them fly—Hell with ’em I’ve got enough time I can coast along—If they don’t like it they can send me overseas—How do you like that for an attitude. Ha.

Your looking pretty neat tonight Honey—Just keep on looking so sweet and (and) send me a picture now and then and/or I’ll,—well—I want get a look at you and if you don’t send the pictures I’ll have to come home to see you.—I’m waiting—not so patiently on the one the Johnsons took.—Don’t pay any attention to me “harping” about pictures—I have a pretty nice collection now.—Enough anyway

[unnumbered page 3]

I realize it must be hard to get film.—I happen to be in an outfit that used a lot of it.—And I can readily understand how—scarce it must be in the States.

I haven’t been to Manila yet—I’ve had plenty of chances lately but haven’t gone—the trips are to fast for me and I want to take my own time—that is stay as long or as short a time as I please and that condition hasn’t turned up yet.

A recorded program by Guy Lombardo just came on—Seems to me I remember that you don’t like him—He sound pretty good to me now with “I Walk Alone.”

Well Honey—that is an appropriate song for now—So

Good Night Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x


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