13 May 1945

Walt continues to try to justify his staying overseas long enough to get his promotion to Captain, even as his commanding officer, William Shomo, the Medal of Honor winner, has been grounded and is probably on his way home.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hello Sweetheart

How are you? Still kicking I bet. I just recieved the letter you typed on your portable—Some job wasn’t it? I guess you must have been trying to hurry the poor thing—Maybe you managed to find out what the trouble was when you tore it apart.

It has rained nearly all day—I rather like it up to now as it is cooler—I imagine In a few weeks I’ll be wishing I was on a desert in the center of a dust storm, especially when our clothes and beds get damp and no chance to dry them.

I also got a letter from Mom and Doris, and to save my soul I can’t remember a thing they said—Nothing interesting at any rate—I like to get them just the same

I look forward to your

[unnumbered page 2]

letters most of all—Even if they don’t have much news or aren’t very long—I like ’em—I like ’em best when your just rambling on about nothing and you very seldom do that—Practical minded unh?

Guess I’ll finish later I’ve gotta eat.

Well Honey—Here I am again, Belly full and I’m lazy—It is so darn hot one hates to move—It quit raining and there is no breeze at all—

Shomo was grounded today—He is the C.O.—He says he isn’t but I think he’ll be going home soon—then there will be a new regime I imagine—Sometimes I wonder whether I want to see it.

[unnumbered page 3]

You know me pretty well don’t you Honey—You know I want to get my Cap’t’cy and so you tell me to get but not to wait stay too long—I do want it and when I actually think what I’m doing (staying here) I think I must be nuts—especially with a sweet wife like you back home—Everybody in the “outfit” tells me I’m nuts also—But at the same time it seems to me that any advance costs something—At this stage of the game it might not be worth the chance but I’ll stick around a little longer and see what happens—I know you’ll think it all right.

[unnumbered page 4]

I’ve been thinking—

That you’re certainly one sweet little woman—Just the type for me—What do you say we go steady, unh?

Good Evening


I Love You

x Walt x



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