23 May 1945

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hi Honey

This is a very lazy afternoon. I didn’t get up until 11:00 and I reckon that is the reason I feel sluggish.—Wonderful feeling isn’t it?

It is hot—I do mean hot—I haven’t been out in the Sun yet but under this tent it feels like an oven—Maybe if I wait and come home in the fall the temp. will suit me better—Vat do you tink? Vell—I don’t even think anymore I just travel on instinct and not much of that.

I suppose you are feverishly sweating out the last week of working by now—What did your boss say or didn’t he have much to say—You always seem to be the perfect Sec., at least they all like to have you around. Even me


I could stand having you around me for awhile—Just to see if I liked you—you know—more or less on trial. Then if you prove O.K. I might keep you around me—Would you like that or do you think I’m too conceited and that you’ll turn the tables on me and let me prove myself to you.

Enough of the Horse ——

I think I’ll go out and take a Sun bath now and finish this later.

Evening’ Honey

It is so damn hot I can’t sleep, and the humidity is so high the perspiration stands out on your skin in drops.—So—I’ll write for an hr. or so and hope it either rains or a breeze

[unnumbered page 3]

comes up, altho I know that is wishful thinking. Wish I could be with you high up in the mountains right now—we could be cool and warm at the same time—Umm!

How are things around town—Are there soldiers roaming around yet or is the men situation at a low—It seems as if I recall you saying Twila is having a bad time with the man power situation—namely, no men—or at least no power.

Did I tell you I have a little kitten for a pet—Well I do—It is trying to figure out why the lines come out of this pen—In fact I am holding its paws now so I can write. As a general rule I

[unnumbered page 4]

don’t like cats but this is an exception.—It is a cute little kitty. It follows me around, sleeps on my mosquito netting and simply meows a couple of times and I give it something to eat. It is laying here on the table purring like a Maytag washer If they can be said to purr.—Poor little kitty cat.—Ha.

You know—I almost sent you a dog from Sydney but thought the trip would be too hard on it and besides didn’t know what in the world you would do with it,—So—didn’t send it.—Almost out of paper


Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

I Love You



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