27 May 1945

Just a short note about Walt’s devotion to tea and some musings about the best seller market. Ruth must have read Forever Amber, an historical novel I’m not familiar with—I couldn’t even make it through the Wikipedia plot summary. It doesn’t get made into a film until after the war, so maybe Walt will be able to see it without reading it.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hello Sweetheart

I love you—

For some strange reason it hasn’t been raining for the last few days and it has been hot—so hot it seem to sap the life out of you—I slept until 12:00 this morning—Went to bed again at 4:00 and got up at 6:00—I’m going to bed again in a few minutes and sleep til 8:00 A. M.—fairly good schedule isn’t it?

Our little stove has broken down.—And I can’t make my daily 1/2 doz. cups of tea now—isn’t that a shame?—I’m like an old woman about my tea—I guess it is as much for diversion as anything.

“Forever (Ab) Amber” must

[unnumbered page 2]

must be quite a book—She must have been quite a sexy “gal” also—At least the book has recieved quite a lot of publicity.

To write a best seller these days all you have to do is put a few facts of life in it—usually [illegible cross out] sexy and that’s that,—money in the bank.—I’ll have to read it when I get back.

Well Honey

Hold the Fort

Good Night


I Love You

x Walt x


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